A Good Website?

My opinions of a good website are probably a little different than normal.

While I love websites that are flashy and fancy, I don’t think every website needs that. There is something to be said for websites that are “simple”.

I also feel like what is good, is subjective. What I like about websites might be what other people hate about them.

For me, I’ve struggled to figure out what I think is a good website.

I want a website to be easy to navigate
Easy to read
Attractive or has some kind of design to it
Tells me what I need to know up front (I don’t want to mistake the website for anything else)
Menus – I don’t want everything slapped on one page. I want it paced a little bit, I want it to have some flow.

I don’t pretend to know anything about designing websites, I just know what I like when I’m exploring the web.