Rejection Is A Bitch

We were challenged to submit some of our work to literary journals or publications for submissions.

The first place I submitted was UB’s publication Skelter. I submitted a short piece of flash fiction and a little piece of non fiction I wrote. In fact I have published both of them on my blog here.

Both of them were rejected from Skelter and it was very disheartening to me. The only time that I have been published in my own school’s literary publication was the semester I myself was working on it. I submitted a piece of non-fiction and I was the fiction editor so I had no hand in getting it published but I haven’t had any luck before or since.

After my rejection from Skelter, the rejections from three other publications I submitted to also came to me.

At one point in my life, I wanted to be an actor, which probably has as much rejection as my current field does, maybe even more rejection.

I wonder why I am a glutton for the punishment that I have now picked two careers where huge aspects of my life are judged. Why do I feel the need to be a writer instead of something else, something more steady and stable and less judged?

My answer: this is what I love.

I’ve been writing since I was little. I wrote on a typewriter, I carried an extra notebook with me all through high school and it was what I was known for.

I have gotten better. Sometimes I am able to look at my own writing and see that it has changed. I don’t even want to say improved because that is so subjective, but there is growth.

So why do I continue to be so hard on myself?

Somehow I doubt that is something I will learn in my MFA program.