Burn Out

I know I’m not the first one to experience the frustration that comes with #writerproblems.

Listening to writers talk about writers block isn’t new. In fact it is also a stereotype when it comes to writers.

I’m wondering if writers block and being burnt out are the same thing to a writer, because right now I am burnt out.

I have the desire to write.

I have ideas running around up in my head, a fanfiction that needs to be finished, I have plenty of things I my mind I could talk about.

However, making the effort to sit in front of a blank word document at my laptop or stare at a blank page of one of my note books seems like too much.

The only reason that I’m writing this now is because I’m forcing myself to do it.

School will be over for the semester soon and I keep telling myself that my fire to write will come back.

I have faced this problem in the past. I get burned out during the semester being forced to write certain things, by certain perimeters, or given specific prompts and it puts a slight damper on my creativity. Usually when the stress of that semester ends, things get better.

This time I’m more worried.

The novel that I have been pouring the last few years of my life into doesn’t seem to hold my attention anymore.

I’ve had thoughts about diving into the revamp of my first novel because at least the bones of the story are worked out. Yet I haven’t made a move to do this either.

My last blog post exposed some of my frustrations with my program and who I am as a writer and I can’t help but wonder if this is a big part of what is wrong.

I feel beat down by a program that I was so excited to be a part of, that I thought I wanted.

Now I’m starting to worry that I was wrong about so many things, including things that I want.

Having depression and anxiety as a creative person is fun!